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Corporate incentives, employee retreats, business events

Motivate or reward your employees, entertain clients or whisk your team away anywhere in the world. Elämys Travel Events has designed and executed hundreds of successful tailor-made experiences for corporate customers.


Meetings, seminars, conferences, campaign launches

Our experienced travel and events team makes sure that your event is a successful one. We are specialized in operating flexibly in different countries managing both the event production and the travel arrangements of the attendees.

Destination Management

Incoming travel and event management

We are an expert partner for international clients in events and travel in Finland and Scandinavia. We design and execute conferences, events and exotic experiences. We also help Finnish companies host their international guests and provide them with the best that Finland has to offer.

Corporate travel

Flights, accommodation and business travel services

We provide our customers with business travel management services using a personal touch and reasonable costs. A travel agent dedicated for you guarantees that the service fits your company’s needs.

Elämys Travel Events

Full-service partner in corporate travel and events

We create solutions for all your needs for corporate travel and event management and deliver the cost-effective product with high quality and personal service. Our team includes both travel experts and event producers which means that we are a one-stop solution for you.

Our experts have years of experience and hundreds of successful events all around the world in their resumé. The strong network of international partners we have developed over the years guarantees that our customers always have the best possible competence at their use.

As an AAA-rated company Elämys Travel Events is a reliable business partner. To learn more about us, see our services and references below.

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Jussi Viskari
CEO, partner
+358 40 584 6425

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Aarni Kotilainen
Sales Director, partner
+358 40 5929 404

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Greatluck Lim
Account Manager, producer
+358 44 324 0889

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Helena Rinne
Helena Rinne
Travel Agent
+358 9 6227 0940

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Anna Sippel
Travel Agent
+358 9 6227 0940

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