Elämysmatkat in brief

“Elämys” = adventure, sensation, experience – something to remember

“Matkat” = travels

Elämysmatkat is a management-owned independent Finnish ski travel operator. Having organised tours since the 80’s, we feel at home anywhere in the world, and continue to offer fabulous experiences to all winter and mountain sport lovers all over the world. Our operations consist of active tours for consumers and tailored group travels and events for enterprises.

Elämysmatkat is the leading operator in Europe for Japan ski travel. We have been in the business for a long time and toured the world’s mountains for years. Most of our staff have lived or live in the Alps, and we know the mountains like the back of our hands. Through vast experience with winter and mountain sports, we have created an unparalleled network of contacts with industry professionals around the world.

Elämysmatkat founder, Pette Halme, started exploring the Alps in the 70’s. He is the first Finn to have passed the official UIAGM mountain guide certification. Halme is currently in charge of planning tours to new destinations, but also operates as a guide on our active tours. The Finnish Elämysmatkat team operates from Helsinki, led by Managing Director Jussi Viskari.

History of Elämysmatkat


Registered Trade Name: Milargo Ltd
Registered Trade Number: 562.677
Business ID: 0945161-7
Package tour operating code: 3949/00/MJ Mv
IATA code: 192 10450
The authority supervising the operations of our travel agency: Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, Haapaniemenkatu 4A, PL 5, 00531 Helsinki tel. +358 9 77261, www.kuluttajavirasto.fi