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Welcome to Elämysmatkat!

Elämysmatkat is an independend Finnish tour operator specialized in ski and outdoor travel and tailor made group and incentive travel. Elämysmatkat is owned by the management and has more than 20 years of experience from travel business in Finland, Europe, Asia and North America. The staff of Elämysmatkat is dedicated to professionalism on all aspects of work and has a passion for travelling.

The Finnish name Elämysmatkat stands for experience, sensation (elämys) and travels (matkat).

Elämysmatkat B-to-C

Elämysmatkat is a highly experienced and trusted tour operator focused on ski and outdoor travel. The client profile is active men and women who have a passion for skiing and the outdoors. The main travel destinations are the Alps, Japan and Scandinavia. Elämysmatkat is also Scandinavia’s leading tour operator offering ski travel products to Japan. The founder and chief product planner of Elämysmatkat, Mr. Pette Halme, is the first certified UIAGM mountain guide in Finland.

In the past 20 years Elämysmatkat has helped thousands and thousands of customers to experience unforgettable events all over the world – and is dedicated to offer new and exciting experiences for the new generations of skiers and travellers for decades to come.

Elämysmatkat B-to-B

Elämysmatkat’s incentive travel products are tailored to each customer’s needs and wishes to all over the world – from all over the world.

Elämysmatkat is a one-point-shop service provider: travel plan, itinerary and program are tailored to each customer’s needs with a dedicated Key Account. The group sizes vary from 10 to 500 persons and the destinations range from Finnish Lapland to New York and Chamonix. Elämysmatkat’s high level of professionalism and solid customer satisfaction combined with competitive pricing has lead to a strong position and good reputation within the b-to-b clients. This has lead to significant growth (+45% in 2012) and a growing demand.

Elämysmatkat is constantly pursuing new ideas and ways to develop our services and products to our customers all over the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more or if you are interested in working together with us!

Contact information:

Managing Director, Partner
Jussi Viskari
tel. +358 40 584 6425

Sales Director, Partner
Aarni Kotilainen
tel. +358 40 592 9404

Elämysmatkat is a member of The Association of Finnish Travel Agents (AFTA)
IATA licence code: 192 1045 0

Myoko, Japani. Puuteriparatiisi.


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